Elena Lemuruto

Photo of Elena Lemuruto.

From Mundarara, Elena Lemuruto is a widow with six children.  Her husband passed away a long time ago and she has struggled to bring up her children.  She never attended school and lives as a typical Masai woman, finding food for her family, building her huts and walking for miles to look for water.

In her own words “I was always struggling with my life and I didn't know what to do.   But since this permculture project was introduced to us by Testigo I have finely found myself something worthwhile to do”.  She was one of the first people to implement the permaculture gardens in her own boma (home), and was the first one to harvest, eat and sell vegetables in her area.  She says that she knew from the beginning that being able to grow her own food would change her life for the better.  She grows the vegetables to provide food and an income for her family.