Ester Alais

Photo of Ester Alais.

From Loiborsoit 'A', Ester has eight immediate family members and five double dug beds.  She joined the project because one of her good friends did and was very enthusiastic about it.  She has limited land space in her home and is competing with the cattle for her own piece of garden real estate, but she's planning to move to her mother's place and there will create a large garden.  Every few days she feeds her family the produce from her garden.  She has used some of the proceeds from selling her vegetables to pay for veterinary treatment and medicine for her family's cows.  Ester involves her children with the garden, and loves that they are doing something which is good for them rather than sitting around being idle.  Her plan is to prepare a garden for each of her children, saving the proceeds from sale from each specific garden for the relevant child, to help them in the future.  Ester features in the Testigo film.

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